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What's a concept?

"Tablets are taking over the world! How do I invest in companies that make tablets?"

"Ouch, recent bad news has really driven down the stock of otherwise solid companies."

"I'd like to find a way where I can invest for retirement without paying commissions and other recurring fees."


"Motif is trying to do for thematic investing what discount brokerage companies did for stock-buying by making it available on a larger scale and for lower fees."

- Paul Sullivan, New York Times

Investing doesn't have to be complicated. At Motif all you need is a
concept to get on the path towards your financial goals.

Expansive Choice

Expansive Choice

Choose from over 150 professionally-built motifs or browse more than 55,000 motifs created by our community.

Expansive Choice

Intuitive Platform

Quickly and easily find, build, customize, and share a motif.

Expansive Choice

Low Commissions

Pay just $9.95 for a portfolio of up to 30 different stocks.

Choose from our expanding catalog of motifs

Invest in many concepts that can't be found anywhere else. Our motifs are simpler to understand and you can customize them to reflect your own views.

Industry Trends

The shift from desktop to mobile, offline to online, the rise of social media... these are all industry trends defining our new way of life.


Mega Trends

Macroeconomic events like China's growing economic influence and major public policy shifts such as rising interest rates can impact both short and long term market structures.



Broad-based investment models that seek to balance income and growth over a longer time horizon.


Trading Strategies

These motifs are based on fundamental screens, technical trading patterns, or corporate events.



Seeks to identify stable or high paying dividend stocks, REITs, MLPs, and fixed income strategies intended to generate income and cash flow.


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"Will This Start-up Kill the ETF Revolution?"

- Dan Caplinger, The Motley Fool

Join over 100,000 Motif customers customizing, building, and sharing motifs using our intuitive platform

Easily invest in or customize a motif by adding, deleting, or changing the weight of any individual stock.

For the advanced investor, learn more about our Creator Royalty Program, where you can get paid for your great concepts.


"Combines the intuitiveness of Apple's iPhone with the power of institutional class investing."

- Erik Shatzker, Anchor and Editor-at-Large, Bloomberg Television

Save money by minimizing your
investment expenses

1.163 % avg. mutual fund 1
0.636 % avg.

Management Fees
Mutual funds and ETFs charge management fees. Motif does not charge monthly fees.

$250 + typical cost for 30 trades at other online brokers 3
$9.95 Motif Investing

Trading Commissions
Pay just $9.95 to trade up to 30 stocks within a motif.

Horizon Motifs
NO Commissions.
NO Monthly Fees.

Choose from 9 benchmark Horizon motifs based on your risk tolerance and investment needs across multiple asset classes.
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1. 2013 Lipper's Quick Guide to OE Expenses. 1.163% is the average expense ratio for managed open-ended funds.
2. 2013 Lipper's Quick Guide to OE Expenses. 0.636% is the average total expense ratio for ETFs.
3. Based on a survey of 5 online brokers and their listed online market order commission prices as reflected on their websites as of August 25, 2014.

"Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase... are among those who have poured $86 million into Motif Investing..."

- Samantha Sharf, Forbes