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Use our powerful natural search tools to create tailored portfolios, you won’t find anywhere else. Build a portfolio around a theme, investing style, or multi-asset model. Or pick from the thousands created by our investment team and other investors like you. No matter what your investment objective, we help you find the right portfolio.


Automate your investing
Take the step to invest regularly and rebalance your portfolio—smart investing habits to grow your wealth. For a low monthly subscription, easily automate your trading in as many accounts and portfolios as you want. No hidden fees, no management costs, and no one-size-fits-all investment models—all the things you want—but don’t easily get with other platforms.


Track your investments anywhere and anytime
Easily access your accounts and understand how the market is impacting your holdings. Get relevant news , smart trading alerts, and detailed performance reports to stay on top of your positions. Motif gives you the analytical tools to track your progress towards your investing goals and make informed investment decisions.


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