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Know your investments,
on your watch

Can you see exactly what you own and how much your fees are today?

Know what you own and how much it costs
Welcome to a superior level of visibility and transparency, where what you see is what you own. With Motif, you have an exceptional understanding of your investments, what they’re worth and what they cost. You get real-time access so you can see what you’re invested in, down to the fractional share and penny.


Know what you’re holding, real time
Investors care more about what they are invested in — and this trend is growing. With Motif, you can keep your investments consistent with your values because you have full visibility and control. You could be invested in war crimes, pollution, gun makers and any number of things that don’t align with your values.
If you don’t like what you see in your motif, you can change it.
See and understand clear pricing with no hidden fees
We make it simple and transparent. Imagine buying a portfolio of up to 30 stocks all weighted exactly how you want. You could expect to pay commissions of nearly $300 elsewhere.
At Motif, you pay $9.95 in total commissions — for all 30 stocks.


$9.95 total commission for up to 30 stocks

Whether you buy a Motif as is, customize to your liking, or build one from scratch.

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