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Unique investing ideas

Find investing ideas you won’t find anywhere else, reflecting a theme, trend, or strategy. Want to invest in high-yield dividends, self-driving cars, or clean technology? —We have a portfolio for you. Choose from our professional and community-built portfolios, or simply create one from scratch based on your interests.


Portfolio trading in a single transaction

Trade an entire portfolio of up to 30 stocks or ETFs in a single transaction of $9.95, that’s as low as 33¢ per stock. With direct ownership of the underlying securities, you have complete transparency of your holdings—which you can change at any time. You could expect to incur multiple transactions and pay commissions of nearly $300 elsewhere.


Automated investing for monthly flat fee

Invest regularly through dollar cost averaging and rebalancing for a low monthly flat fee. Even in small trading amounts, these are smart investing habits. Costs matter and as your wealth grows, your fees shouldn’t. And one-size-fits all investment models that you find at robo-advisors does not work for all—choose or let us help you find the right portfolio.


Real time dollar-based trading

Want to invest in exactly $5,000 of Apple stock?—now you can. Easily trade in dollar amounts, with the ability to buy and sell in both whole and fractional shares. We’re the only platform that allows you to do this in real time—immediate execution and no delays. Trade the way you naturally think, at the low price of $4.95 per single stock.


Investing made social

You don’t have to invest alone—connect with friends and other investors with Motif’s social platform. Tap into the collective experience of more than 200,000 motifers who have built or customized over 180,000 portfolios. You can also enroll in Motif’s Creator Royalty program to share your portfolios with other investors and get the chance to collect royalties.


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