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Automated Trading

What is auto-invest and which motifs are eligible?

Auto-investing allows you to set aside a recurring amount to invest at a frequency you set (bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly). You can auto-invest in any professional motif, community motif, or motif that you have built or customized. You cannot auto-invest in single stocks and ETFs at this time.

You can find your Auto-invest settings under “Trading > Automated Trading” in the navigation menu. Or you can set an Auto-invest schedule directly from the motif page under the trade buttons.

What is auto-rebalance and which motifs are eligible?

Rebalancing ensures your professional motifs are up-to-date and stay true to your original strategy. It also helps enforce the discipline of buying low and selling high as you adjust your positions back to your target weights. With auto-rebalance, we do this for you so your professional motifs are always current.

Once enrolled, you can choose which professional motifs to auto-rebalance, and we’ll always notify you when a rebalance will happen so that you remain in control. Only professional motifs are eligible. All auto-rebalance trades are commission-free.

What are “next market open” trades?

When placing a market order, you will have the option to execute it in real-time or at the “next market open”. When selecting “Next market open” or if the trade is placed after market hours, it will be scheduled to be executed when the market opens on the next trading day (9:30am ET).

The benefit for selecting this option is that these trades carry no or reduced commission fees. All automated trades (e.g. auto-invest, auto-rebalance) are also executed at the next market open.

Keep in mind, placing market orders at market open can be considered risky because a lot can change from market close one day to market open the next. For example, company’s earnings announcement with significant news, world events, and activity in international markets can all create volatility in overnight stock prices.

What are commission-free trades?

Commission-free trades are motif or single stock trades that carry no commission fees when executed.

In a Motif Impact account, all trades are commission free.

In a Motif trading account, all professional motif and single stock trades are commission-free when you select the option to trade at next market open. All auto-invest and auto-rebalance trades are also commission free.

With an optional Motif BLUE subscription, you get three commission-free real-time trades per month. Unused commission-free trades do not roll over to subsequent months.

When does the auto-rebalance of professional motifs occur?

Enrolled motifs with an available update are automatically rebalanced on Mondays at 9:30am ET. Note, if the auto-rebalance falls on a market holiday, your motif will be updated the following day.

You stay in control by selecting which of your professional motifs will be auto-rebalanced, and you’ll always be notified before a rebalance occurs. If you need to make a change, you may cancel an upcoming rebalance transaction at any time before 9:20am ET on the scheduled rebalance date.