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Motif Blue

What is Motif Blue?

Motif Blue is a subscription service that offers additional benefits that can help you save money. It gives you 3 monthly commission-free real-time trades, limitless commission-free next market open trades and real-time quotes for just $19.95 a month.

How much is Motif Blue?

Get 3 monthly commission-free real-time trades, limitless commission-free next market open trades, and real-time quotes for just $19.95 a month.

What are “next market open” trades?

When placing a market order, you will have the option to execute it in real-time or at the “next market open”. When selecting “Next market open” or if the trade is placed after market hours, it will be scheduled to be executed when the market opens on the next trading day (9:30am ET).

The benefit for selecting this option is that these trades carry no or reduced commission fees. All automated trades (e.g. auto-invest, auto-rebalance) are also executed at the next market open.

Keep in mind, placing market orders at market open can be considered risky because a lot can change from market close one day to market open the next. For example, company’s earnings announcement with significant news, world events, and activity in international markets can all create volatility in overnight stock prices.

What are commission-free trades?

Commission-free trades are motif or single stock trades that carry no commission fees when executed.

In a Motif Impact account, all trades are commission free.

In a Motif trading account, all professional motif and single stock trades are commission-free when you select the option to trade at next market open. All auto-invest and auto-rebalance trades are also commission free.

With an optional Motif BLUE subscription, you get three commission-free real-time trades per month. Unused commission-free trades do not roll over to subsequent months.

What do I get in the free trial period of Motif Blue?

Your free trial lasts for one month from the date of your enrollment. During your free trial period, you get every listed benefit of Motif BLUE, including commission-free trades and real-time quotes.

Can I cancel my Motif Blue subscription whenever I want?

Yes. Click the Cancel Plan link in the plan summary box at the top of the BLUE Management page.

What is included in my monthly subscription fee?

Please view your BLUE Subscription Management page to view your benefits.

What’s so special about real-time quotes in Motif Blue?

Currently, all Motif customers get real-time quotes on their trade pages and 15 minute delayed quotes on all other pages of our site. Using delayed quotes is common practice for many financial websites because of the cost associated with accessing real-time stock quotes from U.S. stock exchanges.