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Trade Stocks

What is settlement?

After you buy or sell securities, settlement occurs when the security or cash proceeds is transferred to your account. This is commonly referred to as “T+2″ which stands for “trade date plus two days.” It can take up two days after the order executes for the transaction to settle and is the industry standard.

Will Motif reinvest my stock dividends?

If the stock in the motif you own pays a stock dividend, we will credit the additional stock shares to that motif. If the dividend is in cash, we will credit the money to your account and it will be reflected in your account balance. We do not offer dividend reinvestment at this time.

Where can I see the details of an order I placed?

From your Motif dashboard go to “Account” and select “Orders”. You’ll see two tabs:

  • Current Status
  • History

You’ll find your order in the corresponding tab and see a summary of the order (i.e. current status, fill dollar amount, etc.). Click on a motif order and you’ll see the details of each individual stock inside the motif.

What is the minimum number of shares required to place an order?

You can buy or sell as little as .01 shares of a stock. And in the case where you own less than .01 shares, you can sell the entire position by selecting the option to “Sell All”.

How long will my limit, sell-stop, or stop-limit sell order remain in effect?

You can choose to have these orders remain open for the following durations:

  • Day. Your order remains open through the end of the trading day, and then will expire if it does not execute during the trading day. If you place a stop or limit order after market close, the order will carry over to the next trading day.
  • Good ‘Til Canceled. Your order remains open until your order fills completely, you cancel the order, or 60 calendar days have passed and the order expires.

Which securities products can I trade on Motif’s platform?

As a Motif customer, you can trade the following:

  • Professional motifs
  • Community motifs
  • Single name stocks
  • ETFs
  • Initial public offerings (IPOs)

Note: Mutual funds and OTC/OTCBB securities trades are currently not supported on our platform

What kinds of orders does Motif support?

Motif offers these order types:

  • Market. Buy or sell a motif at the current, best market price. A market order guarantees an execution but not a price. The order will execute on the best available price at the time.
  • Limit. Buy or sell a stock at a specified price or better. A limit order guarantees a price but not an execution
  • Stop*. Sell a stock only when the price reaches the stop price you specified. If the stop price is triggered, the order becomes a market order. At that point, the execution is guaranteed but not the price.
  • Stop-Limit*. Sell a stock using the features of a stop order and a limit order. Limit price should be placed at or below the stop price. If stop is triggered then the order becomes a limit order to sell at specified limit price. Execution is not certain and depends on the spread between limit and the stop.

* Supported for sell orders at this time

Can I trade options?

No, at this time we do not support option transactions.