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Minimize Your Investment Expenses

Management Fees

Mutual funds and ETFs charge management fees. Motif does not charge monthly fees.

1. 2013 Lipper’s Quick Guide to OE Expenses. 1.163% is the average expense ratio for managed open-ended funds.
2. 2013 Lipper’s Quick Guide to OE Expenses. 0.636% is the average total expense ratio for ETFs.

Trading Commissions

Pay just $9.95 to trade up to 30 stocks within a motif.

3. Based on a survey of 5 online brokers and their listed online market order commission prices as reflected on their websites as of June 10, 2015.

The Right Exposure

Our construction process is designed to pinpoint the sweet spot of targeted exposure and cost control. It’s your choice to invest directly in a motif, customize one, or build your own. Learn more about our method for constructing motifs.

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