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Keep It Simple Stupid. This is a slight tweak from a wonderful book I read on investing. Not many beat the market so don't even try. Using Vanguards low cost index funds, it gives a simple strategy for portfolio diversification. See more
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Motif Index 1 YR Return
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Weight Segment & Stocks Symbol 1 MO / 1 YR Return
100% Financial 13.4%
52.4% Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF VTI 16.5%
26.6% Vanguard Total International Stock ETF VXUS 17.5%
12.5% Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF BND 1.0%
4.2% 8xxxxxxx 8xxxxxxxxx 8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 8xxx 88.8%
4.2% 8xxxxxxx 8xxxxxxxxx 8xxxx 8xxx 8xxxx 8xx 8xxx 88.8%

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