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You’ll gain access to IPOs, with all the pricing and details you need to make a purchase.
Select the IPO or secondary you’re interested in. Start with $250 or up to the IPO’s maximum.
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What you need to know about IPOs
Who is eligible to participate in an IPO at Motif?
All customers with a valid individual, joint, or retirement brokerage account are eligible to participate in an IPO.
Is there a minimum or maximum amount to purchase IPO shares?
The minimum amount to purchase IPO shares is $250. The maximum amount depends on the particular IPO and is specified when you place a conditional order.
What are the commissions and fees to purchase IPO shares?
We do not charge any trading commissions or fees for IPO purchases. To sell IPO shares, pay just $4.95 per trade.
When is the deadline for placing an IPO order?
You may place an IPO order as long as we’re still taking orders on an IPO. Keep in mind that investor interest in IPOs vary; an IPO can become oversubscribed and Motif may close the window for accepting new orders at any time.
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Order & Fund
Place an order starting at $250, then transfer funds into your Motif account to make a purchase. We’ll notify you right away with new information or pricing changes.


Get your shares
We’ll allocate your shares once the IPO prices. You might get fewer shares than you requested. Not to worry—you’ll only ever pay for the shares we allocate.
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