iShares MCSI South Africa Index Fund ETF - EZA (AMEX)

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This equity ETF approximates the performance of the South African market as defined by the MSCI South Africa Index. See Prospectus

Key Financials

Day Range:68.94 - 71.03
52 Week Range:53.95 - 76.53
Market Cap:513.93M
P/E Ratio:15.80
Expense Ratio:0.64%
Div Yield:1.50
30-day SEC Yield:2.0%

Annualized Returns

as of December 31, 2017
1 YR:
5 YR:
10 YR:
Inception Date: 02/03/2003
Previous close
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What Others Think About EZA
Phil Jenkins
Opened a large short position on $EZA after South Africa moved closer to disastrous land reform that we have seen take place in Zimbabwe
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Tactical Macro
@JoeHaGu417 I took a short position in $EZA which is starting to work.
$ZAR looks vulnerable too.
Autonomous C.N.S.
South Africa Business Confidence Rises to 3-Year High on Ramaphosa……
Tat Leong
RT @BrandonVanZee : 02/13/18 - View today's #MarketOutlook from @Market_Scholars here: Discussed: $SPY $SPX $EWU $UU…
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