Morgan Stanley - MS (NYSE)

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Morgan Stanley provides investment banking, securities brokerage and wealth management services

Key Financials

Day Range:49.56 - 49.97
52 Week Range:46.28 - 59.38
Market Cap:86.49B
P/E Ratio:12.60
Div Yield:2.41
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Wall Street
Wall Street 17.4% 1 YR RTN A continued rise in financial markets could be bullish for financial services companies.
Republican Donors
Republican Donors 16.7% 1 YR RTN Friends of the GOP are betting big on benefits from potential Republican victories.
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Major Finance & Banking
Major Finance & Banking 7.2% 1 YR RTN
Brexit Woes
Brexit Woes -- 1 YR RTN
5 stocks to buy and hold
5 stocks to buy and hold 7.1% 1 YR RTN
Mike's Top Financial
Mike's Top Financial 8.3% 1 YR RTN
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What Others Think About MS
Charlie Bilello
Markets, 10 years ago (9/19/08)...
$GS : +20%
$MS : +21%
$BAC : +23%
$C : +24%
Wachovia: +29%
Merrill Lynch: +34%
WaMu: +42%
$AIG : +43%
Bush/Paulson outline TARP plan ("hundreds of billions"). Treasury plan to insure money market funds. SEC bans short-selling in 799 financial stocks.
26 51
Charlie Bilello
How markets closed 10 years ago today (9/17/08)...
Ted spread spike: 2.19% to 3.02%
Gold: +9%
S&P 500: -4.7%
$XLF : -10%
$C : -11%
$JPM : -12%
$GS : -14%
$MS : -24%
$AIG : -45%

Massive exodus from money market funds after the Reserve Primary Fund announced that it had broken the buck.
50 89
Sony #TheOneandOnly
RT @sonycomeback : Nikkei again leads widespread Asian-market #gains… #nikkei loves $RKUNY #RAKUTEN $SNE #Sony #prema…
Sony #TheOneandOnly
$MS Moron Stanley $JPM jpmoron wrong once again the path to $1 trillion company is $SNE #SONY PT $1,000 and $RKUNY #Rakuten not $MSFT Microsoft $AMZN Amazon Sony has biggest patent portfolio, content portfolio and in gaming Playstation outsells Xbox 5 to 1
Marea Informative
Morgan Stanley $MS Stake Decreased by Rampart Investment Management Company LLC
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