Visa Inc. - V (NYSE)

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Visa is a payments technology firm which provides branded payment platforms and transaction processing services

Key Financials

Day Range:130.93 - 132.10
52 Week Range:92.80 - 132.50
Market Cap:302.92B
P/E Ratio:33.50
Div Yield:0.64
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Digital Dollars
Digital Dollars 42.4% 1 YR RTN Cash and checks are no longer the global standard. Electronic payments are emerging as the currency of the future.
Gay Friendly
Gay Friendly 7.4% 1 YR RTN Many companies are welcoming the gay and lesbian community, broadening their appeal to consumers and investors alike.
Socially Responsible
Socially Responsible 18.1% 1 YR RTN Investors looking to put their money where their conscience is may find this opportunity attractive.
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Community Motifs with V
What's In Your Wallet?
What's In Your Wallet? 35.5% 1 YR RTN
Financial Gateways
Financial Gateways 34.1% 1 YR RTN
After Pullback
After Pullback 11.1% 1 YR RTN
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