Vanguard Value ETF - VTV (NYSE-ARCA)

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This equity ETF approximates the performance of the US large-cap market as defined by the MSCI US Prime Market Value Index. See Prospectus

Key Financials

Day Range:106.43 - 107.96
52 Week Range:99.79 - 113.49
Market Cap:42.93B
P/E Ratio:17.00
Expense Ratio:0.05%
Div Yield:2.46
30-day SEC Yield:2.6%

Annualized Returns

as of September 30, 2018
1 YR:
5 YR:
10 YR:
Inception Date: 01/26/2004
Previous close
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Community Motifs with VTV
Total World Equity
Total World Equity 1.8% 1 YR RTN
Deep Value
Deep Value -- 1 YR RTN
Value Over Time
Value Over Time 4.6% 1 YR RTN
Ultra Long Term Strategy
Ultra Long Term Strategy 4.4% 1 YR RTN
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What Others Think About VTV
2018-10-15 Short sale volume (not short interest) for $VTV is 69%. $IVV 48% $ELAN 43% $CNQ 43% $DPW 36%
Avi Verma
@SocialDaglis time to go for value hunting, IMO. stocks with high price-to-book are ripe for a pause. $JNJ , $DAL , $IBM , $VTV , $T could be good bets!
Silence Dogood 2.0
Stacked a lot of $GE lately guys no lying. Also $VTV for broader large value
When somebody hates something that completely you have to understand that and act on it. 9 year bull focused on growth and tech...For now
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