Vanguard Total International Stock ETF - VXUS (NASDAQ-GM)

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This equity ETF approximates the performance of markets other than the US as defined by the MSCI All Country World ex-USA Investable Market Index. See Prospectus

Key Financials

Day Range:53.42 - 53.55
52 Week Range:52.25 - 61.17
Market Cap:11.13B
P/E Ratio:14.40
Expense Ratio:0.11%
30-day SEC Yield:--

Annualized Returns

as of August 17, 2018
1 YR:
5 YR:
Since Inception:
Inception Date: 01/26/2011
Previous close
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Lazy 3 Portfolio
Lazy 3 Portfolio 8.8% 1 YR RTN This motif might appeal to investors comfortable with a hands-off approach that could potentially bring balanced returns and a lower risk profile.
No Brainer Portfolio
No Brainer Portfolio 12.9% 1 YR RTN Equal allocation across a few asset classes can potentially provide better risk-adjusted returns over the long run.
Index Fans
Index Fans 7.4% 1 YR RTN If you like diversification, low costs, and tax efficiency, you might just be an Index Fan – or even a “Boglehead.”
Horizon Model: 15 Year Aggressive
Horizon Model: 15 Year Aggressive 9.1% 1 YR RTN Asset allocation for longer-term investors with higher risk tolerance
Horizon Model: 5 Year Aggressive
Horizon Model: 5 Year Aggressive 9.7% 1 YR RTN Asset allocation for mid-term investors with higher risk tolerance
Horizon Model: 15 Year Moderate
Horizon Model: 15 Year Moderate 8.2% 1 YR RTN Asset allocation for long-term investors with moderate risk tolerance
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Community Motifs with VXUS
Equity 4.4% 1 YR RTN
Buy The World
Buy The World 13.4% 1 YR RTN
KISS ME 11.4% 1 YR RTN
Target Retirement 2020
Target Retirement 2020 9.1% 1 YR RTN
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What Others Think About VXUS
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Steven Schoenfeld
I respect Ed Yardeni's research - but when essays like this appear, it usually signals an inflection point in #International vs. #US #equities - "Best Stock #Investing Strategy Now is to Just ‘Stay Home’ in @MarketWatch

Mike Zaccardi, CMT
$VTI total return went out at an ATH (weekly) while $VXUS total return is at an 11-month low (weekly).
Mike Zaccardi, CMT
US stocks continue to crush non-US. Weekly 1-year chart of $VTI and $VXUS price only and the relative performance line.
Mike Zaccardi, CMT
Meanwhile, $VXUS 1-year weekly closing low is in the cards today perhaps
Mike Zaccardi, CMT
$VTI beating $VXUS slightly again this morning. That would be 12 out of the last 14 days.
Mike Zaccardi, CMT
How about this..
$VTI US stocks looking to close at an all-time weekly high
$VXUS non-US stocks looking to close at 52-week weekly low
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