Investing Classics

Investing Classics motifs follow well-known investing strategies and include ETFs that invest in bonds, treasuries, global equities and other asset classes.

Professional Motifs

Each professionally built motif is carefully built and weighted to thematic exposure.
No Brainer Portfolio

No Brainer Portfolio

2.0% 1 MO RTN
Equal allocation across a few asset classes can potentially provide better risk-adjusted returns over the long run.
Ivy League

Ivy League

1.8% 1 MO RTN
Invest like the Ivy League – without the Ivy tuition – with a strategy based on the work of Yale's Chief Investment Officer.
New Era Portfolio

New Era Portfolio

1.7% 1 MO RTN
This global portfolio with exposure to real assets could provide inflation-beating returns at lower volatility.
Lazy 3 Portfolio

Lazy 3 Portfolio

1.6% 1 MO RTN
This motif might appeal to investors comfortable with a hands-off approach that could potentially bring balanced returns and a lower risk profile.
Index Fans

Index Fans

1.4% 1 MO RTN
If you like diversification, low costs, and tax efficiency, you might just be an Index Fan – or even a “Boglehead.”
7Twelve® Core Portfolio

7Twelve® Core Portfolio

1.3% 1 MO RTN
Building an investment portfolio is like making salsa
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