Political Themes

Easily invest in the stocks of companies that donate to political parties or portfolios that may benefit from specific legislation such as the Affordable Care Act.

Professional Motifs

Each professionally built motif is carefully built and weighted to thematic exposure.


10.9% 1 MO RTN
Despite obstacle after obstacle, Obamacare is moving forward, and some industries could see a healthy boost.
Income Inequality

Income Inequality

10.5% 1 MO RTN
High-end and low-end retailers that serve a society of extremes.
Republican Donors

Republican Donors

7.4% 1 MO RTN
Friends of the GOP are betting big on benefits from potential Republican victories.
Democratic Donors

Democratic Donors

6.7% 1 MO RTN
Companies supporting Democratic campaigns could see benefits from a successful Obama Administration
Repeal Obamacare

Repeal Obamacare

5.9% 1 MO RTN
Not everybody feels good about Obamacare. Repeal could heal segments impacted by higher taxes.
Kings of K Street

Kings of K Street

5.1% 1 MO RTN
The companies that do the most political lobbying may have the potential for peak performance.
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Our thoughts on Political Themes

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