Technical Analysis

Explore new ways to invest in companies based on technical analysis. These professionally built motifs consist of companies across all sectors that are chosen based on technical trading parameters such as beta and price momentum.

Professional Motifs

Each professionally built motif is carefully built and weighted to thematic exposure.
Low Beta

Low Beta

0.3% 1 MO RTN
Investors looking to reduce volatility may enjoy investments that seek to provide a more stable ride.
Dogs of the Dow

Dogs of the Dow

3.2% 1 MO RTN
They may look like mutts, but many underperforming companies still pay high dividends, and could rebound.
Finding Momo

Finding Momo

12.0% 1 MO RTN
Companies with stock price gains are great. You know what’s even better? If those stock prices keep up the momentum.
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Community Motifs

The motif community is made up of active investors who have built motifs around their ideas.
Daily Trading 500

Daily Trading 500

8.7% 1 MO RTN
A blend of quant and technical analysis, investing in S&P 500 companies that are experiencing a bullis...
Seize the Season

Seize the Season

9.7% 1 MO RTN
Capture seasonal trends and escape wash sales. Technical analysis includes both momentum and contraria...
Swinging for the Fences

Swinging for the Fences

13.0% 1 MO RTN
Stop bunting, start swinging! Swing trading takes advantage of short term trends. Technical analysis i...
Fall 2017 max return technical analysis

Fall 2017 max return technical analysis

15.2% 1 MO RTN
This motif contains stocks from the Technology and Healthcare sectors and the Catalog & Mail Order Hou...
The motifs shown above are not a solicitation, endorsement or a recommendation to purchase or sell any particular security or pursue any investment strategy.
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Our thoughts on Technical Analysis

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