Introducing Technology-Driven Thematic Investing

Motif combines data science and automation to create an innovative new model of thematic investing

Why Thematic Investing Matters

Thematic investing is the art of identifying long-term transformative changes around the world and understanding how they impact the financial markets. Whether it is the inevitable impact of an aging population or the growing ubiquity of artificial intelligence—these seismic changes are going to drive disproportionate growth in the economy. This creates real opportunity for long-term investors. Motif is turning the art of thematic investing into a science through the use of cutting-edge technologies.


Creating Value Through Technology

Motif applies a rigorous, technology-driven approach to thematic investing. We sift through terabytes of data to uncover important trends driving the economy and identify companies with exposure to these trends. We then use automation to turn these dynamic models into financial products for both individual and professional investors.

Access the World of Thematic Investing

Artificial Intelligence: The next revolution in AI isn’t about computing, it’s redefining how we communicate, how we work and what it is to be human.

Aging Population: It influences more than just a rise in healthcare. It reshapes global societies – from urbanization to pensions to political stability.

National Infrastructure: The rebuilding of our nation’s bridges, roads, and transportation affects more than the construction industry it will be fueled by information technology and innovations in transportation.

How Motif Clients Apply Thematic Investing


An independent broker dealer client wanted to benefit from policy changes of the new Administration. Invested in a US National Defense structured note that gave them levered exposure to increases in military spending.

Core – Satellite

A wealth manager wanted a thematic complement to a core asset allocation model. Invested in several thematic models as a satellite strategy.

Risk Mitigation

A pension fund wanted to manage climate change risk across their investment portfolios. A newly-created Climate Change Index is being developed to meet that unique need.

US-Core Replacement

A high net worth manager wanted a thematic alternative to the S&P 500 and found a recently developed Core Equity model solution that gave exposure to a broad number of themes.

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