Retail Spending

Explore new ways to invest in retail spending by trading baskets of stocks reflecting companies producing and marketing consumer staples. Popular industries within this category include restaurants, e-commerce and consumer retailers.

Professional Motifs

Each professionally built motif is carefully built and weighted to thematic exposure.
Healthy and Tasty

Healthy and Tasty

4.4% 1 MO RTN
Many Americans are back on a health-food kick, but now taste is definitely on the menu.
World of Sports

World of Sports

2.9% 1 MO RTN
The focus on fitness has paid off for many consumers and reaped benefits for sporting equipment manufacturers.
Casino Gambling

Casino Gambling

2.4% 1 MO RTN
Gambling is growing--both domestically and internationally. What are the odds it will continue? Some investors are feeling lucky.
Hot Retail

Hot Retail

2.0% 1 MO RTN
The top brick-and-mortar retailers have shown incredible resilience in the age of online shopping.
Eating Out

Eating Out

1.7% 1 MO RTN
Feed your portfolio on the growing popularity of dining out.
Discount Nation

Discount Nation

0.5% 1 MO RTN
Now, more than ever, America loves a deal. That entrenched thirst for bargains could make rock-bottom retailers flush.
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Our thoughts on Retail Spending

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