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Guns, Guards and Gates


Staying Safe In A Scary World

It’s a dangerous world. Terrorist attacks, mass murders, home-invasion robberies, and plenty of other incidents keeps safety top of mind for many American individuals and businesses—not to mention the US government. It’s left us increasingly vigilant in our hunt for products and security services to keep us safe. Often, after a highly publicized violent incident, government, business, and individual spending on weapons and security-related products and services tend to soar. Which means that, when it comes to keeping the bad guys at bay, price may be no object. See more
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Guns, Guards and Gates Benchmark
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Weight Segment & Stocks Symbol 1 MO / 1 YR Return
40.1% Private Security 34.1%
19.0% Allegion plc ALLE 32.9%
13.2% Johnson Controls International plc JCI 7.0%
7.8% 8xxxxx 8xxxxxx 8xxxx 8xx 88.8%
32.5% Screening Equipment 46.1%
18.2% FLIR Systems Inc. FLIR 53.8%
8.1% 8xxxxxx 8xxxx 8 8xxxxx 8xxx 8xx 88.8%
3.2% 8xxxxx 8xxxxxx 8 8xxxxxxx 8xxxxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
3.0% 8xx 8xxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
27.4% Guns & Ammunition 4.4%
7.7% 8xxxxxxx 8xxxxx 8xxxxxxxxx 8xx 88.8%
6.6% 8xxx 8xxxxxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx --
5.4% 8xxxx 8xxxx 8 8xxxxxx 8xxx 8xx 88.8%
3.6% 8xxxxxxx 8xxxxxx 8xxxxx 8xxxxxxxxxx 8xxx 88.8%
2.0% 8xxxx 8xxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%
1.2% 8xxx 8xxxxxxxxxx 8xx 88.8%
1.0% 8xxxxxxxxxx 8xxxxxxxx 8xxxxxxx 8xxx 8xxx 88.8%

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